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Ever since I started training with Sean I have made significant changes not only physically but mentally. Sean has helped me to unlock my potential and help me to feel more confident not only within myself but within my own ability to achieve my goals. The changes my body have made are insane and I've never felt happier with how I look until right now. Sean has become a really good friend of mine and not only does he push me to be the best version of myself with training, but he has offered me incredible support and encouragement and I know I can go to him for anything! Coming across Sean as my trainer has seriously changed my life. Before I started with Sean I was scared of eating, scared to lift heavy and I was extremely insecure. I've learned so much about nutrition and how to fuel my body to get the best out of my training. Sean has believed in me from the moment I started with him and we've hit so many goals and big achievements and I can't wait to see where we go from here! He truly is an amazing PT who takes great care of his clients like no other, I am so grateful for his ongoing help and support and I can't wait to see where he goes with his career, big things to come!
Since training with Sean I have seen both mental and physical changes. With having not a lot of knowledge of nutrition and under eating for so long, Sean has coached me to have a good relationship with food and know what foods are needed to fuel my body and perform at my absolute best. Sean has made me feel confident in the gym and has shown me how to perform exercises safely and how to get the most out of each rep. His attention to detail is next to none. Having a flexible approach to nutrition with the 80/20 rule, doesn't make it feel like a diet and a fitness plan, it feels like a lifestyle change. I can now track foods in my head when I'm on the go. Sean has quite literally changed my life and I'm so glad I made the choice to trust in him and invest in my health. He has become such a close friend and the constant support in and out of the gym has been the biggest blessing. I'm so excited to see what more we can achieve together.
After my first PT session with Sean, I realised he shared a passion for exercising and health as much as I do. Sean takes get pride in all his clients and their progress mentally and physically. Sean is an incredible PT, as he focuses on improving form to prevent injury. Specifically, he pays attention to detail to his client's mobility, and provides helpful movement warm-ups to assist in ankle mobility prior to any of his PT sessions. Sean sets goals for his clients routinely to ensure progressive overload, and maximum results for all his clients. I have been a client of Sean's for over a year now and have seen a transformation in my physique as well as my overall strength and health. Prior to becoming a client of Sean's, I never had the confidence to even lift a barbell in gym. I also never understood the importance of strength training and its countless benefits upon your health. Sean gave me the confidence to start weight training and build my strength immensely. Now, I have confidence in the gym to do strength training and to push myself to be stronger. Sean is passionate about transforming his client's wellbeing and pushing them to their potential in the gym. I strongly recommend Sean as a PT; you will not be disappointed!
I began training with Sean around 6 months ago. I came to him with a basic understanding of training, and goals to grow my confidence and love of my own self. Sean developed a program that was specific to both my needs and goals, and continued to keep me accountable throughout the process. I have since come to learn my way around a gym, and have had many changes both physically and mentally that I would never have been able to achieve without the consistent efforts of my coach. Sean has helped me become confident within myself and assisted in building the body I now love and am proud of. I cannot recommend him enough
Since I started my journey with Sean, I have gained so much more knowledge that I didn’t have prior to joining him. From the first session we had together, I was taken past what I thought was my limits, he showed me what proper training intensity is and taught me that I have a lot more in the tank then I think. I’ve learnt to push myself harder in the gym and with that has come significant physical and mental development. The difference having a coach who knows how to structure a training and nutrition program specifically to you and your lifestyle is absolutely game changing and I could not recommend Sean enough. Not only does he give 110% to his clients but he leads by example, he is always staying dedicated to his own goals and constantly trying to learn more so that he can provide a better service to his clients. I can safely say Sean is by far the best coach I have worked with and I look forward to continue working with him and how much progress we can make together!
I came to Sean after doing multiple online challenges and not quite getting the results I was looking for. After spending years of trying different methods on my own I thought I would look at getting a coach. Choosing a coach can be hard as I think there are a lot of knowledgeable people out there! I decided to go with Sean because I had noticed the progress one of his other clients had made and I'm glad I did! Sean has a very warm and friendly demeanour and he makes training with him comfortable from the get go. Over the past 9 months that I have been training with Sean, I have had instances where I have felt like giving up, I have felt that I have ruined everything. Whether it was from not training as often as I think I should, not hitting my macros or not progressing as fast and I think I should be, Sean has always been there to support me. He has always given me words of encouragement, he has reminded me that progress takes time and that having setbacks is normal. As long as we keep chipping away at our daily habits the results will come. Since I have been working with Sean I feel more confident to use heavier weights, I have improved my techniques in the gym, I feel stronger and I'm finally feeling more confident in my body. I couldn't be more grateful for the journey with Sean by my side so far. He is always there when I need anything and I would now also consider him my friend.
I cannot say enough amazing things about the positive impact Sean has had on my fitness journey. Sean has been such a great personal trainer, and has helped me change my approach to my workouts, nutrition and overall motivation for the gym. What I have gained over the last year was not only better health, but a foundation to maintaining a healthy, more balanced lifestyle, which will follow me for years to come. He has taught me how to fuel my body and improve my nutritional intake, so that I can achieve the best results from my training. Sean is very knowledgable and passionate about health and fitness. He always offers great support and is very encouraging. He has gone above and beyond in understanding my fitness goals and tailoring a program for me to achieve them. With lots of expertise in the industry as well as a passion for helping people, Sean has changed my entire perspective of going to the gym. Sean has always believed in my ability and pushed me to reach my best results. I have achieved so many goals and have seen amazing results by trusting the process. I am very grateful for Sean’s commitment and ongoing support for my health and fitness. I would recommend him to anyone who is ready to smash their fitness goals!
Sean is more than an ordinary personal trainer. He not only cares about your physical health, but your mental health and is ALWAYS there to guide you through any struggles you're having. He is the most sympathetic and understanding coach you will meet. In the three months I have been with Sean, he has educated me 5x more than previous personal trainers I have had for 7 months. He is the most reasonable coach, always taking in other life activities you have going on into consideration and will work around them. I also appreciate his dedication to his education in the industry and self development. He truely cares about his job and I think it’s more than a job to him.
Since I started training with Sean I have seen big changes not only physical but also mentally. On our first session I could instantly tell he is very knowledgeable and very passionate about what he’s doing. He focus on proper form of each workout to prevent any injury which made me felt comfortable being his client. Prior to starting my fitness journey with Sean, I was a shy guy that manly doing workouts at home from other online training. I was not confident enough to walk into a gym that has people in there. I was scared of eating too much food that would make me gain fat. Being training with Sean for 8 months now, I look forward to our session every week. The sessions are intense but he makes it so much fun and always having good laugh during the session. So far I have seen results and built so much strength and confidence of myself, most importantly, having a good relationship with food. Sean has been the biggest support throughout the journey. He gives the best he can to help me achieving my goal and look forward to the journey continuing. I am so grateful to have him as my personal trainer. I highly recommend Sean to anyone who is looking for PT and willing to change.

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